You can be better (Part 2)

What was the first thing,
that led you on this path,
i am pretty sure,
you have asked this question,
to yourself a lot,
and your answer always being uncertain,
following your grieves,
and an oversimplified past;

That’s exactly what is going wrong,
you are trying to forget the past,
no matter how unlawful or hard it was,
you have to accept it,
go,just look yourself in the mirror,
and say yes, i have done that;
that will surely help,
and calm that loud thumping heart;

You can be better,
acceptance is the first law,
then you will see,
how things work,
and what to do,
to correct your flaw,

You can be better,
by allowing the long gone faith,
to show you the right way,
you have to take control of yourself,
and surround your mind with confidant thoughts;

Believe, that you are unique in different ways,
compare yourself, not with others,
but with your yesterday,
things go easy and achievable,
when you go frame by frame,
be remembered,
little things have always mattered,
whenever history was created,

As with the world laughing at you,
laugh with them on your yesterday,
because for right now,
you are not the same person,
you were that day,
learn from the others mistakes too,
and by being better,
make your life to learn from,
so if you ever find a darkened soul,
say this words,
“you can be better,
only you can make it better.”

-Aem Kay.

You can be better (Part 2)

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