Knock Knock

  Knock knock                   06/05/2019
Knock knock, anyone,
Anyone out there, with a free time ?
I want Someone to talk,
Someone by my side,
Someone in this whole wide world,
One person will be alright,
Just a person to feel what i feel,
To understand how i feel.
Knock knock, anyone
Anyone willing to listen to my thoughts ?
As i drown in my own sea,
I want some place,
So i could be safe, and hide,
Everyone till now i seek,
Everyone thinks i am the happiest person alive,
To the world i have smiling face,
But my soul is struggling inside.
Knock knock, anyone
Can anyone listen to what i wanna say ?
There’s a deep ocean of emotions,
To you, i wanna express,
Knock knock,
Please hear me out,
I don’t want to fade in darkness,
For my lonely soul,
Will anyone share their light.
                                                    –  Aem Kay
Knock Knock

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