You can be better? (Part 1)

A heart broken apart,
fears and tears of the failure and falls,
Right down your spine,
I know something’s taking hold of you,
Wanting you to jump a cliff off.

Playing mistakes repeatedly you had done,
You’d be drowned in your own thoughts,
That’s when it crawls silently,
Darkening that very heart,
Laughs and grinds,
You will remember,
Even after the end of a nightmares,
Waking up to self pity,
You feel lonely and scared.

Now it seems easy to surrender,
To just throw your soul away,
To use it and abuse it,
However they want,
And pass out using not much healthy ways,
Cause that very little thought of self pity,
Had made you believe,
You can now never be better in any way.

-Mukesh (aem_kay) Kumare.

You can be better? (Part 1)

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